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Tadpoles - 2 yrs

At 2 years the focus is on independence and social skills. Thematic units incorporate fine motor experiences with academic skills. Music and movement help enhance our large motor skills.


Pollywogs - 3 yrs

At this age, cooperative play skills are developed in guided activities. Fine motor skills are incorporated in our daily work. Thematic units and language concepts are explored. Phonemic awareness games help us "hear" the mechanics of language.


Frogs - 4 yrs

Assigning sounds to letters and handwriting are the focus of this class. Most of our friends are sounding out words by mid-year! Basic math skills are used daily. Science and social studies units incorporate all of our skills into fun activities.


Crocs - 5 yrs

Sounding out, blending, segmenting, and writing words are a big part of our day.  The children love learning how to write in their own journals.  Base ten math activities are a part of our daily calendar and circle time.  In depth science and social studies units keep us busy with many centers and activities.



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4503 Meade Rd
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1003 Knoll Bridge Ln. Friendswood, Tx 77546

Hours 8:30-1:00 M-F

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